You didn't really go easy on Facebook's valuation, Mark

NB : Vous pouvez lire ce billet en français sur Following Cedric Labeau’s blogpost Startups : allez-y mollo sur les valos, I would like to give you my Business Angel opinion regarding Facebook’s IPO.

The $104 billion valuation of the company is for me the perfect example of an unrealistic valuation and illustrates exactly Cedric’s post. Even the most talented entrepreneurs are deceived by financial actors craving for short-term profits. I am convinced that it will lead to disastrous consequences, both for the inside-atmosphere at Facebook and for the image of the social network perceived by the 900 million users. Not to mention that it won’t help the liberalism to become more popular… By the way, Mark, why don’t you offer one stock to every member of the Facebook community to restore your image ? And for you readers, please give me your opinion ! As for me, I will keep on writing the beautiful story of Juste a Temps, my beloved startup. It’s a thrilling job and it will help me to justify a fair valuation. Regards - Patrick

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